10 Day Rome to Lisbon cruise


Palma de Mallorca

Monaco is a principally in an area of southern France called the French Riviera.  The current prince (in 2000) is the one that married Grace Kelly in the 1940s.   She was known as Princess Grace afterward.  She tragically died in a car accident no one can explain since the daughter with her wasn't old enough to drive and Princess Grace knew the road very well.

Monaco has three roads going across the seaward side of the hill, which is all there is to Monaco.  The casino, made popular in Bond films, sits in the middle at the bottom of the hill.  It is about the only old style building in the tiny country.

There are about 30,000 people living within its borders, but only about 5,000 have Monaco citizenship.  There are no taxes in Monaco.

Other than driving through, we didn't see any sites in Monaco.  We went to Nice and Eze, France, both places on the sea to the west of Monaco.  The main interest in Nice seemed to be the topless sunbathers (which we saw were also in Monaco).

Eze, an artists type village at the top of a mountain, has a great view over the coastline if you're healthy enough to make it to the top.  Small stores and restaurants can be visited on the way down.

Sorry, since I was with five women, I thought it wouldn't be healthy to take pictures of the girls on the beach wearing the one piece bathing suits.