10 Day Rome to Lisbon cruise


Palma de Mallorca

We stopped at Pisa on the way to Florence.  We didn't think there was much to see here since they wouldn't let you climb the falling tower of Pisa.  It is definitely falling, and probably would have done so by now if it wasn't for all the shoring up of the foundation.  We asked everyone we could on the internet if the tower was going to look like a construction zone and everyone assured us they were planning for this big celebration in 2000 and everything was supposed to be fixed up for it.  Don't believe it.  At the rate they're going nothing will be ready till 2100.

The contractor that built the bell tower knew something was very wrong when he reached the third floor.  It was already leaning.  After doing something ineffective to the foundation, he kept going up and adjusting some floors to correct for the ever increasing tilt.  It must have been a government contract.

Now, the modern engineers have done something truly enlightened; they've looped cables around it and tied them to another building.  Maybe they ought to start planting trees so in fifty years they'll have something else to tie it to.

Our tour guide (girl with the cute hat) spoke great English.  Now is it my imagination, or is everything look like it is leaning here?