10 Day Rome to Lisbon cruise


Palma de Mallorca

There seems to be three main cities of interest in Morocco: Casablanca (our port), Marachesh, and Rabat.  They have tours of each, but you can choose only one due to the time it takes to get to the others.  We chose the lazy way and stayed in Casablanca.  Casablanca wasn't always called that, but I don't know what it was called previously.  "Casa" meaning "house" in Spanish, and "blanca" meaning "white" was what sailors saw as the cruised by, and gave it this name.  The name stuck more than names given to it by the locals.

If you're looking for "Rick's", don't look down this typical street, look in California.  One of the hotels has a fake Rick's, but the movie Casablanca was not shot outside of Hollywood.

Morocco is a strange kingdom.  The king doesn't make many public appearances and the queen none at all.  No one even knows her name.  I believe the king is also allowed more than one queen.  If the king has a male heir, the people are not aware of it, but he could have ten daughters and they wouldn't know anyway.

Morocco has no oil, they have to import it.  They have minerals, which they mine.  The city of Casablanca seems safe enough, but many don't seem to be employed.  Shop owners appear to have too many helpers.  I think they may be relatives, male relatives.  The women are hidden somewhere.  They are not rude to visiting women and generally are not pushy.

Driving through the city you can't miss the private satellite dishes on most apartment balconies or rooftops.  If they're connected to American television, I doubt their closed society has much chance of survival.  Our guide told of how they wash themselves before prayers (the men, of course), and we saw one man doing so in a fountain.

We also were exposed to children that were begging.  They didn't need to, they just seemed to be practicing as they passed our group with their older sister.  Since no adults begged, I wondered about it.

Evidently, Casablanca has mainly one site to see.  It is the third largest mosque in the world.  Inside, which we didn't have time to see, it has a glass floor over the ocean.  Considering the high/low tides and salt water, I wondered how they did that.